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18th October 2014


CMJ 2014 / Corbu at Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall (Marlin Room)


We’re playing CMJ for the first time, on Tuesday 10.21 at Bowery Ballroom supporting Oh Land, and Saturday 10.25 for the Future Classic Showcase in the Marlin Room at Webster Hall.

This is insane, come be a part of this with us.

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8th October 2014

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Neon Hallway video premiered on Stereogum


Our new in-flight video for Neon Hallway (Directed by Mr. Kaplin) was premiered today on Stereogum.

In one large, arial tracking shot, the video uses an entire city to craft a massive light show.”

Come watch.

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4th September 2014


Neon Hallway premiered by DIY Magazine

"A couple of weeks back, Corbu’s ‘Neon Hallway’ sneaked onto the airwaves, gaining its first play on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show. This guy deals in superlatives, it’s his chosen form of expression, but when he calls this track one of his songs of the year, it’s worth taking notice. 

‘Neon Hallway’’s the kind of track that sweeps up the conscience in a matter of seconds. Initially a bare bones synth number, it eventually takes off into curious, space age territory, with skittering synth parts overlapping in a barely-restrained frenzy.”


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2nd September 2014

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26th August 2014

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Fields & Flowers / The Letter M videos: Premiered today on the Line of Best Fit

"Blurry but beautiful"

Our mirror videos for Fields & Flowers and The Letter M were premiered today on the Line of Best Fit:

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17th August 2014


New Corbu debuted by Zane Lowe

New EP on the way for the fall…

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14th July 2014


Audio Interview with Jonathan

Jonathan was interviewed by the Meet the Music Monday podcast, and talked about stealing ideas from dreams and buildings:

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28th June 2014


We Are Sound EP out now

Our debut EP is finally on sale in the US, on iTunes, and is back online on our Soundcloud and here:

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27th June 2014


Believe the Lie Remixes

A couple lovely remixes of Believe the Lie were released this week:

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17th June 2014


Believe the Lie video premiere on Stereogum

Javier Longobardo’s video for Believe the Lie was premiered today on Stereogum!

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